Our Christian Values

Tysoe CE Primary School is a Christian community, which by sowing the seeds of care and service will enable the growth of happy and healthy individuals. Through love, nurture, respect and support of one another we will flourish and bloom from small beginnings into the fullness of life and become the people that God has made us to be.


Our Church school is a nurturing community helping individuals grow to be their best.

With God’s help we will: 

  • Love and support each other 
  • Continually strive for our best 
  • Be happy and healthy 
  • Respect and cherish our world. 

Core Christian Values: 

Nurture, Serve, Grow 

The parable of the Mustard Seed:  Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God starting in small ways and growing into maturity where all are safe and nurtured to grow to their full potential. This is an image that underpins the work of this school. Tysoe is a small school that seeks to continually grow and adapt into a caring and safe place; an environment where each child can fulfil their potential. Where every child is encouraged to grow into Christian maturity and is cared for as being precious to God. As the seed grows to be a tree where birds can safely build their nest and create for their young a safe and caring environment, so this school is a place where each child shall be protected and encouraged to grow from small beginnings to fullness of life.


I have come in order that you may have life – life in all its fullness.  

John 10.10 

10th March 2017