Wellesbourne and Tysoe CE Primary Schools – The Federation Governing Body

School Governors are important volunteers in education. The governing body has specific duties given to it by law including : agreeing school development priorities, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school, agreeing school policies and agreeing an annual budget detailing planned spending and staffing. Minutes of meetings are available on request.

The Governing Body
Chair:  Larry Granelly (co-opted)                                                                                          Vice Chair: Michael Glover

Resources Committee
Michael Glover ( Chair ) – Foundation
Paige Neale, Head of School, Tysoe
Larry Granelly – Co-opted
Lindsey Oscroft, Executive Head
Jill Bason, Co-opted
David Jerrim Co-opted


Performance and Standards Committee

Larry Granelly – Co-opted (Interim Chair)
Tim Hewitt, Head of School, Wellesbourne
Lindsey Oscroft, Executive Head
Ruth Mercer – Co-opted

Pupils, Parents & Community Committee

Lindsey Oscroft, Executive Head
Tim Hewitt, Head of School, Wellesbourne
Kathryn Smith – Co-opted
Larry Granelly – Co-opted
Nicola Field – Parent
Geoff Blundall – Co-opted (Safeguarding Governor)
Tom Moffatt – Foundation

Clerk to the Governors
Mr D. Maceluch

Executive Headteacher’s Performance Management Committee

Larry Granelly, Mike Glover, Ruth Mercer + ext support

Other Panels / Committees

Pupil Discipline Committee – all Governors – panel to be appointed as & when dependent on availability
Hearings & Appeals Committee – all Governors – panel to be appointed as & when dependent on availability

Pay Committee – it was agreed that this should continue to be carried out by Finance Cttee

Christian Foundation Sub-Group – existing membership to continue. (Membership and operation of Sub_Group to be considered at December BoG meeting.)


Paper Copies available on request.